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louis vuitton outlet The piercing the atmosphere. But the knee baseball jersey take denim shorts, the butterfly can be tied at the waist can be used as decoration can improve the waist, foot thick sandals, very significant legs long. Wearing a drapery short skirt with black thick sandals , Knee length just right, take the double bottom shoes is the most direct way high. louis vuitton bags outlet, Wearing a red sweater with denim shorts, foot boots are tide it, it was significant long legs! Big skirt or wide leg pants Prince Wen also participated in the Wearing this dressed in brown dress coat very beautiful very Xianqi. White suit wearing a very beautiful, trumpet sleeveless shirt with high waist wide. T-shirt with holes in the jeans, rolled up double-thick trouser legs sandals, very cool and beautiful. T-shirt with holes in the jeans, rolled up double-thick trouser legs sandals, very thick and beautiful. Think of the height of 159 really fine, louis vuitton outlet online

cheap louis vuitton as long as know how to wear the ride, really want to how the United States will be able to how the United States but how to wear out of the pants and some temperament? How to wear a Shirt like a school flower This is the need for skills. Xiaobian this skill to teach you, remember the mark yo skirt articles as a girl can not no skirt, not every skirt can make you beautiful. Code one: either wear the longest / or Wear the shortest of the following figure left and right high, the middle three can not bear to look directly at the star model conclusion: louis vuitton purses outlet half-length clothes do not really eat your height, especially Fan Bingbing and Knee skirt, a small MM must not Touch, it will make your calf thicker, more sub-short! Code 2: wear skirts, T-shirt to tie inside as below left dirty, right and high neat Star Demo Skirt, not only the whole person ‘s refined and metamorphosed, and virtually pulled up the waist louis vuitton outlet store

cheap louis vuitton outlet to achieve high results. In addition, please note the right picture of Zhao Liying shoes, it greatly reduces the feeling of big deposit, people’ s attention To the top of the white, the perfect ~ pants This is the heart of every girl in love with skirt, but the pants again Is essential clothing, louis vuitton factory outlet how to avoid weaknesses became the heart of the knot … Code 1: trouser legs not Too long as the right side of the figure is too long, the bare feet will be the accumulation of star demonstration not only on the left was short, and fat, right To light a lot of vertical is super- Ni Ni will wear clothes, Trousers will not wear a passer-by, as long as a little change will be different. On the left too tightly, looking at the right want to breathe Code two: wide leg pants than straight pants better as shown below on the left side of the tall, too rigid on the right side of the star model is like living in my upper berth brother louis vuitton handbags outlet

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