Louis Vuitton 2017 early spring vacation series

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Louis Vuitton go to Brazil full of tropical style, the art of French life into the exotic, the scenery here is more like a utopia provides an ideal stage. OscarNiemeyer to reconcile the contradiction between civilization and nature, after all, “Utopia” to convey a desire for innovation, this fantasy-style ideas coincide with fashion. Brazilian idealism and Rio de Janeiro is this 2017 early spring vacation series starting point. The series captures the vitality, freedom, multiculturalism, metropolitan futurism, and romantic style of the country, all stimulated by Rio’s vibrant experience.

Dressshowing a new air sense, the twill design of pants body posture elegant. Luxury embroidered skirt like the beach towel wrapped on the waist, high-tech sandals and diving fabric sports shoes show the dynamic style of the heroine, shuttle in the museum curved corridor, attracted numerous concerns.

2017 Early spring vacation series also pay tribute to two famous Brazilian artists. HelioOiticica is the pioneer of the Neo-Concrete movement, exploring the mysteries of space through painting. His three-dimensional works to the body as the carrier, to explore the unlimited possibilities of color. The famous work “clothes of light” the tent canvas and the parachute fabric becomes the cloak and the dress, creating free space to move the body. Women’s wear artistic director NicolasGhesquiere’s design inspiration is borrowed from the concept: Parker coat like a kite open, taffeta cloak dress show the wind dance posture.

The artist Aldemir Martins, famous for his paintings of animals and plants, shows the infinite vitality of the Nordstrom region of northeastern Brazil. By the popular culture of Brazil, especially the influence of football culture, he pay tribute to Pele in one of the most famous paintings “AFera” (1969).

In the São Paulo Art Museum, NicolasGhesquiere visited the “Rhodia series exhibition”. The show was exhibited in the 60’s France Rhodia company in Brazil to promote the synthesis of yarn, 79 works created by Brazil artists, Nicolas borrowed from Martins printing elements of this series for the classic single product of Louis Vuitton.

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